Best-Selling Video Games Since The Pandemic Began

As majority of the world continues to stay inside of their homes in order to help fight the coronavirus and slow down its spread, it’s no surprise that gaming sales have shot up through the roof.

And it’s not video game sales since game-streaming services such as Twitch also received a significant amount of viewers and amount of hours that people spend on it since people use it to entertain themselves while in self-isolation.

But what have people been playing? To give you a clear idea, here are some of the top-selling video games since the start of the pandemic, in case you want to try them out for yourself:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To no one’s surprise, the newest entry to the “Animal Crossing” franchise is at the top of this list because it’s currently the top-selling video game for the Nintendo Switch and one of Nintendo’s best-selling in years. The game puts you in a vacation island, letting you customize it while making friends along the way.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Second on the list is another Nintendo offering, giving the players control over Mario’s brother and letting him navigate haunted surroundings. As the third entry in the series, the game still retains the charm and cartoonish spookiness of the first two, only this time with better graphics and new game mechanics.

Mario Kart 8

Another Nintendo offering, the latest entry to the “Mario Kart” series features its biggest roster of playable characters ever.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Made by CD Projekt Red, the third entry in the Witcher games continues the story of Geralt, a monster hunter-for-hire looking for his adoptive daughter, Ciri. Hailed as one of the best RPGs ever, “Wild Hunt” introduces interlocking stories, gorgeous graphics and deep game play all in one package.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Another Nintendo offering, “Smash Bros” is a fighting game that lets you fight characters from different game franchise with each other. The game is well known for its multiplayer aspect.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

A first person shooting game, this is the only other PS4 game on this list and it managed to get rave reviews upon its release, with players calling it a “return to form” to the classic “Call of Duty” franchise.