Childhood sweethearts who met aged 11 rekindle their romance and get engaged

Beth Fenwick and Steven Lyons met at 11 years old and began dating but they went their separate ways as teenagers.

Steven moved to Australia and the pair went on to date other people.

Over a decade later, they began talking on Facebook and felt their old connection.

At the time, Beth had a health scare after doctors found a tumour on her neck but thankfully it was benign.

The close call meant Beth wanted to add some adventure in her life and it began with travelling plans.

She decided to message Steven about his trips and soon they began talking every day.

Though Steven was supposed to head to Japan next, he cut his travels short to reunite with Beth in their home county of Somerset.

Last August Steven proposed and just three months ago the couple moved into their first home together.

Beth, 24, a healthcare assistant, said: ‘Me and Steven met aged 11 and “dated” when we were 13.

‘I recently found some diary extracts from 2009 where I have explained how I’m in a relationship with Steven which are really funny to look back on.

‘I’d always wanted a fairy tale ending but I didn’t think it would ever happen to me.

‘I’d found a tumour on my neck and doctors weren’t sure if it was cancerous and I was keen to focus on planning an adventure for once it was removed.

‘Steven was so supportive and stayed up at all hours to talk to me despite the vast time difference.’

Beth says she didn’t expect a relationship to come out of a few Facebook messages but is delighted to have found a spark.

Steven has helped Beth with her push for more adventure and the couple have tried lots of new things together.

Beth added: ‘We have done so much in 12 months and I was over the moon when he proposed last August.

‘Our families think it’s really cute too as we’ve known each other practically our whole lives.’

Steven proposed while the pair were on holiday and the couple say they are now planning their big day for 2021.

Steven, 24, an IT worker, said: ‘I had my heart set on Beth the first moment I saw her.

‘I’m so happy that me and Beth have rekindled our relationship over a decade later.

‘It’s not often that you hear about people marrying those they went to school which makes us feel even luckier to have found each other again.

‘I was travelling when we first started speaking again, I never imagined things would progress into this.

‘We are so excited to start planning our wedding.’